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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day from the team at Says You! If you’re in Nashville don’t forget to join us at TPAC for a special Father’s Day show starting at 2:00 PM. Tickets available online or at the door until the show begins.

A tune to enlist to

 Robert listens on WFCR and heard an uncommon but familiar word on our show. He wrote to Tony Kahn to share. In a bluffing round on Says You! some two years ago (or perhaps more) you had the correct definition of verbunkos as a dance used in military recruiting, which you and your colleagues thought was […]

An Invitation from Little Rhody

When the signal comes through Paul listens on 89.7 WGBH from Boston, but wishes we’d come visit Rhode Island. I have been an avid fan and listener of the show for many years as a writer and a museum Archivist. I am a resident of Rhode Island and for as long as I can remember, […]

What was that word?

Thor writes from Montreal, Canada, attempting to confirm a word. I am trying to recall one of the words defined on the program. The correct definition was “To fluff up cushions on a couch or sofa.” I thought the word was something like “chounce”… but I can’t find the word anywhere or confirm the spelling. […]

Job Description Hunting

Shannon from Asheville is in search of a round all about jobs, but can’t seem to find it: Yesterday afternoon I was listening on our local NPR station. I heard a portion of the broadcast that I want to hear again and share. I work for the school system and laughed at this portion. We […]