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Hollywood Blacklist

The Hollywood Blacklist, in which artists, directors, screenwriters, and actors were accused of ties to communism, barred from working, and even investigated by congress, took place 50 years ago. Our own Tony Kahn, whose family was forced to flee to Mexico during the Red Scare, documented this in his podcast series, Blacklisted. This weekend, join […]

The Plot Thickens

Laura from Pasadena, Ca listens to Says You! on KAZU. She’s also not afraid to let anyone know she’s well read in pulpy mystery novels. I was surprised none of the panelists knew the meaning of secateurs. I first saw the word in Ruth Rendell’s mystery “Deadhead,” in which deadheading roses is part of the […]

Putting our Best Foot Forward

Steve, a KAZU listener from the Monterey/Pacific Grove area, reminded us that the Says You! gang has never been known for our athleticism: This Saturday’s show had a question about the meaning of “goofy footed”. The contestant was correct that the term is related to footedness, but (if I heard correctly) was wrong about which foot is forward. Goofy footers […]

Scripps, Here We Come!

Paul from Watertown, MA and a listener on WGBH wants to know, We just re-listend to a show from season 9 where one of the bluffing words was “recumbentibus.” What is the longest word that you’ve used? It’s a three-way tie for longest bluffing word we’ve ever used; each has 14 letters: castrametation omphaloskepsis scobberlotcher […]

2017-2018 Season Debut

Our 2017-2018 Season begins this week from The Tilden Arts Center in West Barnstable, Massachusetts. Our host Gregg Porter leads stereo left vs stereo right in five rounds of wit and wordplay. We’re joined by Callie Crossley, commentator and host of WGBH’s Under The Radar with Callie Crossley, as we begin another year on public radio. This marks the 21st time we’ve ushered […]

Sound Escape

On our last outing to Washington State we taped a show north of Seattle in Port Townsend. Carolyn, a contributing editor for the Improper Bostonian, took some extra time to search for Port Townsend’s finest features. Next time you’re traveling towards the Puget Sound, don’t go without these travel tips.  You can find more of […]