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Now On Spotify

We’re excited to announce that Says You! is now streaming on Spotify! Listen to your favorite show about words on the go or at home. What other Podcatchers should Says You! be on? Let us know in the comments.  

Definition of “blank”

Rowan from Asheville, North Carolina is listening closely on WCQS: Every so often in rounds two and four, the host will explain the rounds by stating that each person will receive a card with a definition on it. Only one of them has the real definition. The other two will receive blank cards. Those poor […]

How do you like THEM apples?

Richard from Northampton listens to Says You! on NEPR. He writes: In the “odd one out” category at the second Amherst College quiz, the answer given was “apple cider” as the only item that could have been served at the first Thanksgiving. “Mashed potatoes” was ruled out because potatoes had not yet been introduced to […]

Instrumental information

Dawn, a listener from WRVO in Utica, NY, likes what she hears and wants more: Can you please tell me the names of the musicians from the group you called ‘Fly-by-Night Trio’? The Fly-by-Night Trio is made up of violinist Siri Smedvig, violinist Yisgav Gans, and cellist Tara Chambers. Visit our Musicians Archive to find out […]

A Winter Favorite this Week on Says You!

Pour the hot chocolate and settle in this week with a holiday special from Says You!. A winter favorite from Boston, play along as creator and original host of Says You! Richard Sher leads two teams in a show all about the holidays.

Excessive wassailing is no excuse for a sick day

Since episode 1311 re-aired, the wassailers have been coming in droves. We can’t sleep, but the trees are looking better than ever. Allison, a suspected wassailer herself, listens on WVPR and wrote us from Shelburne, VT: You owe the audience member who mentioned singing to the trees an apology. This is considered one of the […]

Come on and do the Jectigation

KJZZ listener Adam from Tempe, Arizona, writes: I’ve been listening since day 1 and still love your show. I’m trying to track down a bit more info on a clue that I can’t seem to find. In one of the earlier episodes . . . the clue was “the movement of a dog’s tail (i.e., […]

Hollywood Blacklist

The Hollywood Blacklist, in which artists, directors, screenwriters, and actors were accused of ties to communism, barred from working, and even investigated by congress, took place 50 years ago. Our own Tony Kahn, whose family was forced to flee to Mexico during the Red Scare, documented this in his podcast series, Blacklisted. This weekend, join […]

The Plot Thickens

Laura from Pasadena, Ca listens to Says You! on KAZU. She’s also not afraid to let anyone know she’s well read in pulpy mystery novels. I was surprised none of the panelists knew the meaning of secateurs. I first saw the word in Ruth Rendell’s mystery “Deadhead,” in which deadheading roses is part of the […]